Classic 20 mile Mountain bike loop in the Dark Peak

This is my first foray into trying to create some sort of mountain bike video that may have some use to mountain bikers coming to the Peak District wanting to sample some of the classic downhill routes.

During the video, I leave my shock locked-out on a decent, have a chat with a sheep, eat a sandwich, tell you I’m at Hagg Farm when I’m nowhere near Hagg Farm, ride ‘The Beast’, say hi to Willy (whoever Willy is), get lost, overtake some other mountain bikers and generally have a lovely day.

The loop comes out of Castleton up the old broken road to Mam Tor. Once over the brow of the hill you can pick up a bridleway which drops down to Hollins Cross and into the Edale Valley. I then climb over towards Hagg Farm and Ladybower, looping back through the forest I got completely lost in for the final bridleway down to Hope.

It really is a great place to ride especially if you can do it when it is dry. Enjoy!

Do I make more mountain bike videos?

I know that video and the rise of video is ideal for getting a message out there and sharing your content. The world of mountain biking is no different, so my question is, do I make some more?

Ideally, I’d like to capture a series of videos that review all the trail centres in the UK and beyond. Whilst this would be a time-consuming thing to do, it does give me the excuse to go and ride loads, and who doesn’t want to do that?

The content is fairly easy to capture as it is just a GoPro and a Feiyutech gimbal. I’m sure I’d need to mix up some of the footage going forward to include different angles, but if channels like BKXC on YouTube can do well, there is no reason why a few people may want to watch videos like this too.

What are your thoughts? Perhaps leave a comment on the video and let me know what sort of content you’d like to see more of.