Why ride every day?

I was trying to remember why I started this challenge or what sparked the idea. It came from a chap on Instagram @bramblescratch who I think was trying to get out riding more too.

And I thought “hmmmmm, I should do that”

The reason the idea stuck was there is always an excuse I tell myself for not riding. It’s too cold, my bike isn’t working properly, I’m tired etc. When I looked up at my wall chart that records my activity it dawned on me, I am the only reason I am not riding; and I’m not riding enough!

The plan for riding every day

The plan was simple.

  • Ride every day with no gaps
  • Ride for a minimum of 30 minutes
  • Doesn’t matter what kind of bike
  • Do as much outdoor as possible

The results – physical

I wasn’t sure what to expect from a physical point of view. I knew mentally I would be able to do it because I respond well to these sorts of challenges, but physically I was unsure.

The first thing that started to hurt was my triceps. I think as much of the month was on my gravel bike, it was just purely the amount of time spent in the same position, holding my body up that caused that.

There were a couple of days where my legs seemed to really lack power but overall my body seemed to get into a riding groove quite quickly. I warmed up quick, recovered quick and didn’t struggle during the rides very often.

The results – time

This was a big one for me. As anyone that rides regularly will be aware, there is a lot of faff that goes with riding bikes. Getting kit ready, cleaning bikes, kits, maintenance, food, route planning, charging lights… it all adds up.

So despite most of my rides being about 1-2 hours, there was considerable time taken either side of that which I’d not accounted for.

The results – the unexpected

What I should have known would happen but didn’t realise at the time is all the additional fun I would have. I explored routes and areas I wouldn’t normally have done.

That really is the point of riding bikes, fun.

And because I had loads of fun, I felt mentally much better too. So whilst it may have taken time from work and family to an extent, it added quality to those other areas because of the more positive mindset I found I had.

Would I do it again? Absolutely. In fact what the month did teach me is that it is possible to build more regular riding into my week and that the impact it has on my life is nothing but positive!