Cycling in a Pandemic

It seems as though I have done more riding on my own in the last 12 months than I ever have. And I certainly have made the most of quiet bridleways on my doorstep.

The coronavirus pandemic will have changed the way we ride bikes for a lot of us. There has been far less trips to trail centres, far less riding with mates but as I travel less for work, there has been more opportunity to nip out for a quick ride.

Above all, I think cycling has been the biggest antidote to being stuck during both lockdowns. I have seen noticeable swings in my mood from a few days of staring at the same walls to getting out and finding some new local routes.

First lockdown

During the first lockdown, I thought it would be the only opportunity to capture a unique moment in time. The roads were absolutely silent and I could ride a 20-30 mile gravel route without seeing a single human.

I felt compelled to make a video about it. The weather was great and I spent hours making this one at a slow pace…

Cycling in winter 2021 Lockdown

Yet here we are at the beginning of 2021 and the pandemic is far worse. Officially, we are allowed to exercise with one other person providing we stay 2m apart. But as yet, I’ve not done that and have continued to stay riding on my own.

The issue has been, conditions have been really poor. Combine that with the amount of light we get being really limited in winter and riding in lockdown 2021 has been much harder.

I guess we just keep on turning the pedals and it will all work out in end!

Maybe try keeping it interesting by setting a challenge