Follow the Dog and The Monkey Trail

Cannock Chase is where I end up doing most of my mountain biking. It is not the most challenging terrain you’ll ever ride but I have been riding there for over 20 years and still find plenty of new trails to ride.

And if you know where to look, there is plenty of stuff to scare you!

Last week I wanted to try out my new DJI Mavic Air 2 and its active track feature on the mountain bike. My thought was, I may as well see how the classic trails are developing as it has been a while.

And I know lower cliff is nice and exposed for flying the drone.

The following video skips the first part of Follow The Dog but picks up lots of the fun parts of The Monkey Trail.

If you want to see more mountain biking from the rest of the Chase there are some videos on my YouTube Channel you can watch.

To find out more about the trail centre, how to get to the visitor centre, trail maps etc, click here