I’ve written about training my labrador to run with me whilst I go mountain biking before. But it is difficult for people to picture how it works unless you see it happening.

Inca is now 20 months old and waaaaaay better trained than when I first took her out on the bike.

She has got to the point of recognising the type of trail and understanding where she should be.

  • Singletrack, she goes behind
  • Slow climbs, she can wonder in front and nearby
  • Same for wide, slow fire roads
  • Fast fireroads, either to my side or behind but never in front

One thing I’ve had to accept is when she first gets out of the car, her excitement levels are high! She needs 5 minutes to have a ‘zoomie’ and settle down. She is excited afterall!

The Video

As you can imagine, making a video on my own was hard. I’d set up the cameras, ride past, turn around and push back up again. Inca found this a bit frustrating as we weren’t running enough for her.

However, because we were out for hours, she was still pretty happy!

I hope you enjoy the video and let me know in the comments if there are any other kind of videos you’d like to see…

How to train your trail dog