Why Ride?

I’m a life-long lover of riding bikes. Mountain biking for the past 25 years, bits of road cycling for nearly 10 years and in the last 5, I’ve also fallen in love with gravel. Cycling is not just a form of exercise for me, it is a means of clearing my head, socialising, and seeing some of the most beautiful trails and roads.

I’m probably like most of you reading this; fighting to find the time to squeeze in a ride between crazy work commitments, children, wife and DIY. However, the draw of riding bikes is as strong in me now as it was when I got on my first BMX aged 4.

I can’t explain why I love it so much and why it makes me feel so good, even when I am suffering! For that reason, I thought if I documented my riding, talked about the places I go, then maybe, just maybe, my non-cycling friends and family may understand why I love getting covered in mud, close to hyperthermia, and generally beaten up on a bike every week.